Gary H Karp
Passionate On-Line Marketer and World Class Copywriter. Let's Join Forces and Conquer The World!
 Meet Gary
I specialize in helping coaches, and creative solopreneurs build the foundations for successfully marketing their business online so the could spread their message, help more people, and make more money.

I lead the field in digital marketing strategy and my accomplishments include:

  •  Certified NLP Practitioner and Hypnotist
  •  Self taught copywriter and funnel builder
  •  Computer programmer
Work History:
  • Spent 30 years in marketing, sales, and customer service with companies like AT&T Mobility, Young & Rubicam, AOL
  • Developed branding strategy for mobile networking app Rapid Square
  • Developed and implemented online strategy for Transformational Gangstas Coaching
  • Developed and implemented online strategy for Dragon Phoenix Media
  • Managed Facebook Ads for Wolfs Den Armoury
Awards, Titles, and Designations:
  •  Amazon Best Selling Author of numerous books, including ”Clarity is Power: The 5 Steps to Creating Inspiring and Empowering Goals” and ”Clear Vision: How to Create a Vision Board that Really Works!
  •  Hosted ”Passionate Talk” and "The Hype is Here” podcasts
  •  Toastmaster CL/CC
Other Info:
  •  Over 30 years experience in marketing
  •  Started selling ebooks in 2014
  •  Have clients in countries around the world
  •  Walked over 40 feet of hot coals barefoot
  •  Swam with dolphins in Mexico
  •  Ran my first 5K three years after having my legs crushed in a car accident and being told I may never walked again.
  •  Helped developed Sci-fi web series, ”The Outer Rim.” (currently filming)
  •  Helped build an exact replica of the set of the Enterprise (NCC—1701) for fan film series Star Trek: Phase II/New Voyages
  •  Suffered stroke at three months old
When you want to create an engaged audience of Super Fans who will use your services and refer others to you, you need someone you can count on when it comes to digital marketing strategy.

I have everything it takes to help you build an engaged tribe, get people using your products and services, and get off the feast or famine roller coaster!
 How I Got Here
You may be wondering a little about how I came to be here with you today.

Let me tell you a quick story about starting my life coaching business.

At the time I was trying to start a business as a life coach.

I was struggling with getting paying clients.

And I was getting more and more frustrated.

Then the bottom fell out from under me when my electricity was shut off for non payment.

Which meant I couldn't live in my apartment.

As you can imagine, I was in bad shape and desperate, but I wasn't ready to give up on my dream of helping other people achieve their dreams.

Then I discovered online marketing and the concept of the 1000 True Fans.

At that point, everything changed!

I finally figured out how to:
  •  Successfully build a brand through online marketing
  •  Generate an engaged mailing list
  •  Design a special website called a sales funnel to increase revenue per sale and per client
Because I discovered these secrets, I was able to:
  •  Build a successful business
  •  Help people achieve their goals
  •  Positively influence the lives of many many people
Now I'm living my dream of supporting coaches and creative soloproneurs achieve their dreams and I never have to worry about failing ever again.

And that's why I'm so passionate about the consulting and Done For You services I offer so you can increase your revenue and experience helping other people achieve their dreams too!
 My A-Ha Moment
I was a struggling life coach trying to get clients. I really wanted to have a business where I help people so I wouldn't have to go back to the 9 to 5 grind.

I wanted to be able to have my own business so I could make a difference in the world.

The thing is I was having trouble getting a constant flow of clients. That meant I wasn’t able to pay my bills, let alone make a difference in the world.

To make things worse, I felt terrible because I wasn't making money month in and month out which made it difficult to budget and plan. I felt even worse about the situation because my electricity was turned off for non payment. I felt like a failure as a man.

The problem was that I had no idea how to create a steady stream of clients. Which meant I had to return to the cubicle environment I hated, which destroyed my self confidence.

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened...

That's when I learned about online marketing and all about building an engaged mailing list of people who would buy my products and services!

It was now crystal clear to me how to build a tribe and make money every month, because I saw how I could build my list of 1000 True Fans.

I also learned that working one one one with people was not scalable, you need to use online marketing and digital products to build your tribe instead.

As a result I took almost every course I could find on online marketing.

After I did that, I started building an engaged mailing list of people to sell my products and services to ...

Suddenly, I was stepping off the feast or famine roller coaster and making money each and every month.

... That’s when I realized that the secret to getting a steady flow of clients was online marketing and creating digital products.

My plan was to start helping other coaches and creative solopruneurs build their tribe the right way.

So I started teaching my strategies to local coaches. But I didn’t stop there.

I then created workshops to teach my strategies to even more coaches. After that, I taught them to build sales funnels and how to write powerful emails.

But there was still a problem ...

The coaches started complaining that they were spending so much time creating content and building these specialty websites they could not work with their existing clients. They also could not continue to learn more skills so they could better serve their communities. While they appreciated the knowledge, they didn't want to spend all their time on the technology.

I ended up getting so frustrated that I decided to create a "Done For You" digital agency just for coaches and holistic practitioners ... I chose to call it “Marketing Dolphins”. 

I thought if I could create something that would make it possible to for coaches to focus on spreading their message and not have to work on building and maintaining the tools, everybody would be really happy.

After talking with many coaches and creative solopruneurs to discover what services they really wanted so I could best serve their needs, I created Marketing Dolphins.

I can now support heart based entrepreneurs and make a difference in many more people's lives than I could as a life coach alone.

I then started to accept other coaches and creative solptuneurs as Marketing Dolphins clients.

As a result of all this we were able to achieve the following:

Allow coaches everywhere to spread their message, grow their businesses, and achieve financial stability.

After creating Marketing Dolphins, I was not only able to realize my dream of influencing millions of people and making a positive difference in their lives. I’ve also been able to stop worrying about paying my bills month in/month out, because my strategies and consulting services are in such high demand.

And in the end, all of this means I’m now able to be more centered and calm in my life ...

And focus on serving my tribe ...
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